CANBeat Education

CANBeat Education

Climate Actions Now - Values
CANBeat is an educational programme that will reward young people who take part in projects relating to toward positive Climate Change Actions.

The programme is free. The curriculum is run over a three month period.

The aim of the programme is to help with collaboration and project based learning, ‘learn by doing’ model.

The learning experience will include many organisation structures in event management, and social entrepreneurship programmes which will help develop communication skills. Students choose their positions and take responsibility in their own events management “event social enterprise ” (ESE) or ‘mini companies’.

It has the potential to drive a nationwide emission reduction competition through schools, towns, farms, and businesses, similar to the ‘tidy towns’ model.

This programme will be rolled out through our branches in South Africa, Uganda and Ireland and is ideal for any group of students who are interested in doing something positive in their school, college, or sports club about Climate Change. Especially suited to business, music and transition year students. For full information pack email ; Robert on